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Survival Homestead

Survival Homestead

Even a few acres of land in the country can be turned into a survival retreat

Survival or preparedness homestead is different than "homesteading" which used to mean settling on a piece of undevel-oped government land and making improvements to the property which then entitled you to own the land. That was a common method of settling the far West in days of old.


Now, however, the term usually refers to a property in the country, that is self-sufficient and hopefully capable of being totally off the grid. Usually that means a well or spring, some type of gardening and livestock.

There are a couple of different reasons why people choose to simplify. One reason is disenchantment with city living and the growing dangers of metropolitan areas. Another reason is that someone believes societal changes are coming and has chosen to live as close to nature as possible as part of their long-term survival preparations.

There are definitely tricks and tips for solving some of the common challenges often faced by "city slickers" who move to "Green Acres". We are by no means experts, instead we'll hopefully educate you as to what you might face should you chose to immigrate to the country.

This is not intended to be the be all and end all of homesteading advice, instead you'll find some of the unique situations and maybe even some of the funnier aspects of a survival homestead.

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