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Outdoor Survival Equipment List

Outdoor Survival Equipment List

A list of outdoor survival equipment will help you get started on your preps.

camping-gearYou can go online or to your local library to research what the experts suggest should be included on a comprehensive list of wilderness survival equipment. Some of the items will almost surely surprise you and seem unnecessary or even strange. However, an outdoor survival gear list is something that no one should be without when planning to go off into the wilderness.

In many cases, the items on a list for survival equipment are only there in the event that there is a need for them. The old saying “it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it” definitely applies to any survival gear list. If there is room in your outdoor survival kit, you should also try to take along waterproof matches or a spark-striker, also known as: flint and steel.

Every List Should Be Personalized

Every good equipment list is as unique as the person creating it. Not everyone wants or needs to have duct tape or antacid tablets in their outdoor survival kit, but some people would not think of going out in the woods without them.

Mostly it is going to be personal experience that allows you to create your own outdoor survival gear list. You are probably the best judge of what you will most likely need if you are lost or alone in the woods.

Not every outdoor equipment list will be for everyone. However, there are plenty of ideas for items to be included on any outdoor survival equipment list. You just have to find the list that suits your situation best.

For an actual outdoor survival equipment list, click here.

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Outdoor Survival Equipment List - Every good outdoor survival equipment list is as unique as the person creating it

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