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Disaster Medical Kits

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Disaster medical kits should be part of every person and family’s emergency survival preparations.
While a small first-aid kit is a great addition to any car trunk, school backpack or purse, a comprehensive medical kit will contain items that go beyond a simple paper-cut or skinned knee.

Even without medical training, a good disaster medical kit is a must!"

Although there are emergency medical kits specifically designed and stocked for use by trained medical personnel, there are also kits designed to be used by the untrained. Such kits will usually contain sterile wound management bandages, resuscitation mouth guards, non-prescription pain medications, shock treatments items and an easy-to-understand guide to first aid.

Kits For Every Possible Situation

72-hour-kitThere are medical kits designed for specific emergency situations. The most typical are those included in the 72-hour emergency survival kits recommended by FEMA and other disaster preparedness agencies. There are also kits specifically for marine or boats use, wilderness first aid, aircraft, cars, offices and pets.

"As to diseases, make a habit of two things - to help, or at least, to do no harm." - Hippocrates

"You can build your own emergency medical kit"

If you want to have a disaster medical kit as part of your survival preparations, but don’t feel that you can afford one, consider creating your own. Following the first aid kit list you can build disaster medical kits very affordably that will contain everything to be found in the professionally created kits.

NOTE: A diaper bag makes a great bag for building your own disaster medical kit. I've gotten them, brand new, for $1 at garage sales.

medicinalplantIf you find yourself in the woods without a first aid kit there are a wide variety of plants that cure illnesses and can be extremely useful for first aid. For instance, the inner bark of some trees is a great substitute for aspirin, while other plants can be used to stop bleeding.

Store it for a Quick Grab-n-Go

Any situation requiring a quick exit may put stress on your memory, know in advance where your emergency survival items are.

When considering disaster survival preparations do not forget to include well-stocked disaster medical kits in your planning. Small disaster medical kits should be in each vehicle, at work, and you should keep a larger, more comprehensive kit in a convenient, grab-n-go place in your home.

72-Hour Survival Kit
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