When it comes to bug out vehicles, you would be amazed at the wide variety of wheeled things that can be used in a bugout situation. These vehicles can range from the ultra high-end megabucks types of survive-anything vehicles to the lowly bicycle with a makeshift lightweight cargo trailer on the back.

GOOD Vehicles for Bugging Out

The emergency get-out-of-Dodge (GOOD) vehicles do not have to be confined to land either. Anything that will transport you and some gear from one location to another can be used, including: all-terrain vehicles, campers, RVs, ultralights, boats, canoes, kayaks, 4x4 vehicles, houseboats, yachts…yeah, WAY out of my price range…but you get the idea.

The Ideal Bug out Vehicle is the One You Can Afford

If you have an unlimited prepping budget, then getting and equipping the ultimate bugout vehicle will be a piece of cake. But if all you can afford is a four-wheel drive Jeep or  a retired Army truck, then go for it! No matter your budget, there are a few basic criteria you'll want to keep in mind when shopping for your survival vehicle. These are:

  • Room for Four People - safety is in numbers and lone wolves will have a difficult time in a survival situation.
  • Room for Cargo - You will have a better chance of survival if you can take a bit more than a rifle, some bullets, and a survival blanket with you.
  • Maneuverability - You want a vehicle that can go where it's got to go, go around obstacles, protect from weather (if possible) and...EMP proof

EMP Proof Usually Means Older

All new cars are heavily computerized and filled with IC circuits, and the newer the car the more likely that it will be “out of commission” following an EMP weapon burst. For that reason, many look for a bug out vehicle that is pre-1980 vintage.

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Bug out Vehicles Powered in Many Ways

Also, because we can only guess as to what type of situation might force us to leave our location and head out, it’s a good idea to look at all means of transporting humans as well as cargo. In the list below you'll find those vehicles that can be gas-powered, solar-powered, and sweat-powered, such as:

  • Bicycles – including gas and electric-powered
  • Golf carts
  • Toddler/pet trailer
  • Scooters
  • Motorcycles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Rafts
  • Mopeds

Words of Wisdom - or a Warning

Do NOT plan on bicycles or other self-propelled devices as your bug out vehicles if you are basically an arm-chair survivalist. If you are out of shape, there's a good chance you won't make it very far. You'd be better off staying at home and bugging-in if at all possible. Better yet, spend what time you've got, getting in shape!

Walking Bug out Ideas

Also, if you face a walking bug out, where you are forced to hit the road with just what you can carry on your back, you’ll want to look at backpacks, fanny packs, as well as golf bag carts, game carts, laundry carts…basically anything that has wheels and can be pulled or pushed as you walk or even ride a bike.
Thinking outside the box and a little planning will go a long ways when it comes to being prepared with a couple of different bug out vehicles suitable to a variety of scenarios.

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