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Wilderness Survival Shelter

Wilderness Survival Shelter

It's up to you to survive when alone in the wilderness.

A wilderness survival shelter is usually easiest to build against a tree. Starting with the largest branches and logs, create the frame for a space just big enough for a person as well as a fire at the entrance.

Cover that frame with what are called “spider branches” which are web-like branches that will reach all over the shelter. They are abundant in most areas and make good tinder as well. If they cannot be found lying about, they are on the bases of most trees.

"Food, clothing and shelter- these are the basic needs" - U. G. Krishnamurti

shelter3This is then followed by what some survivalists call “duff” or pine needles, leaves, bark and other things found on the forest floor. Sprinkle this material over the “spider branches” which catch the “duff” and successfully block out the wind, rain and snow.

The area now enclosed will be much warmer and safer, especially if there is a small fire built at the entrance to the shelter. Another way to keep out the elements in a wilderness survival shelter is to always build with the entrance facing downhill.

shelter2Desert shelters are almost identical with the exception of the lack building materials. This can be solved by locating an outcropping of rock to shelter under, or by building a one-person lean-to.

This is like other shelters, but built in the shape of an oblong pyramid so that is can lean on itself. While small and ultimately uncomfortable, it can save lives protecting its occupant from the cold of the night as well as the scorching heat of the day.

Remember: Lack of shelter from the elements will kill you faster than starvation or dehydration

A survival shelter can mean the difference between life and death. It is important to remember when in the wild that the most basic needs, food, water, and especially shelter are the most important. Whether braving the tropics, temperate, desert, snow, or any other environment, knowledge of how to build a wilderness survival shelter is an invaluable skill.

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