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Wilderness Survival Knife

A good knife can make the difference between surviving the wilderness and not

The best survival knife should have all the desired features you want to have in case of an emergency. Some things to consider about the best knife blades are whether you want a smooth edge or a serrated edge.

Personally, I prefer a quality folding knife. Lone Wolf Knives Paul Presto Burl Wood Folder Knife
The shape of the blade also might be something to consider. If you had to cut a heavy piece of material, would the hunting knife do the task? Large hunting knives should have a full tang that runs through the entire handle. That way if the handle breaks around the tang, another handle can be crafted out of bone, leather or wood.

Other things to consider about the survival knife blade are whether you want a lock-back knife or a non-locking blade. This is important for your safety as well as someone else’s. Then again, for extremely heavy work such as cutting wood, a lock-back knife may actually break if too much pressure is applied. NOTE: Knife experts will cringe at the thought of using a knife to cut wood.

With something as important as survival, do not try to save money by purchasing a cheap knife. Remember: you get what you pay for!

You also need to consider that the best wilderness knife should be stainless steel or another non-rusting material. The stainless or carbon steel would be your best survival knife.

With all the choices you have for a survival/hunting knife, the wilderness survival knife that is the best for you might not be the best knife for someone else. Choose a knife that is right for you.

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