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Wilderness Survival Equipment List

Know Where You're Heading
Ranger Type Sighting Compass

Get Wood for the Fire?
HME Folding Saw

In case of a walking bug out you can haul more with a wheeled conveyence. Just make sure it has the larger wheels. JanSport All Terra? Gear Logic Wheeled Travel Bag

The importance of water storage and purification cannot be stressed enough. Water Filters, Purifiers and Storage

A good emergency kit can make a world of difference in a disaster situation. Executive 72-hour Kit with Solar Upgrade

Introduction to equipment necessary for wilderness survival

To be properly ready to venture out into the great outdoors, you should follow an wilderness equipment list that you can prepare before you leave. Any list will surely have items on it that make sense to you. However, your personalized list may include a shovel, an axe or a hatchet and a bow saw. The list is up to you and based on your specific needs.

Having a hatchet, bow saw and compass makes sense when you plan to be in the wilderness for a long period. The hatchet and bow saw can be used to create a shelter from thin trees or branches to keep the elements off you and to keep you warm. In the absence of a hatchet or bow saw, a large hunting knife can often be used for similar tasks.

"In moments of crisis, the initiative passes to those who are best prepared." - Morton C. Blackwell

Wilderness Survival Equipment List

Some other items on the wilderness survival equipment list may not be so easy to find or be immediately understood as being essential. For instance, having a tarp or a folded piece of plastic wrap such as you would use to seal a window for example might seem odd to have on a wilderness equipment list. However, if you happen to be stranded in an area where there is no water, you can use the plastic sheet to gather dew and rain so you will have water to drink.

A tarp can also be used to create a quick and easy survival shelter.

Salt for Survival?

Any wilderness survival equipment list should also have smaller items that you may not think about before you leave on your trip. Small packets of salt should be on your wilderness survival equipment list to allow you to get some salt back into your system should you dehydrate at all. Because the body needs salt to function properly, and because your body expels salt when it sweats, it is important to have this on your equipment list.

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