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Urban Survival

Urban Survival

"In a disaster the city is probably the worst place to be"

How does city or metropolitan survival fit into the idea of disaster survival planning? Usually when you hear a discussion about “disaster planning” and “survival preparation” it is based on the idea of moving to the country, as far away from cities as possible, living off the grid and hunkering down to await the end of the world.

urbanjungle Unfortunately, there are a vast number of people who because of financial necessity, live smack-dab in the middle of sprawling metropolitan areas. For these people, survival plans must take into account the fact that in the event of a national disaster or catastrophic local event, the most dangerous place to be would be in the city or the surrounding suburbs.

It’s not called the “urban jungle” without reason. A devastating disaster can result in the immediate breakdown of civil authority, municipal infrastructures, loss of communication and mobility. New Orleans in the hours following hurricane Katrina is a perfect example of why anyone living in a metropolitan area needs to have some type of disaster plan.

Walking May Be the Only Way Out

An urban survival plan should include the consideration of your location at the moment of the event. For instance, if you work in downtown Los Angeles, yet live 30 miles away, how are you going to get home if your vehicle is out of commission or the roads impassable? Walking 30 miles for most people is not impossible, it’ll just take awhile. But what will you need for that 30-mile hike?

fannypackIf you work in a high-rise office building in Ft. Worth, having a plan and a few specific items in a survival backpack or survival fanny pack could mean the difference in your survival if the downtown area is hit by a tornado. Even if your life isn’t in danger, having the ability to render aid to the injured will be invaluable.

What if you are a student or a professor when your college campus or school is shutdown due to the attack of a deadly gunman?

"We live in a violent world where there are many times a survival fanny pack could come in handy"

The tragedy at Virginia Tech pointed out some instances when the contents of a fanny pack emergency kit could have been extremely useful, as when the young man tied a wire around his leg to prevent blood loss.

"You Need to Know When to Hold...Know When to Run."

trafficjamPerhaps the most valuable thing in any urban survival plan is the knowledge of when to leave town. Bug-out supplies and plans must be included in your urban survival planning. You need to determine in advance what will be the criteria for deciding to leave town; the what, when, where and how.

"Decide now what would make you leave"

The second-most valuable ingredient in your urban survival plan is your determination to survive and the willingness to leave your comfort zone behind. I firmly believe that the reason more people don’t plan for survival, is that they cannot face the thought of losing their way of life and the “things” that define who they are.

"You need to make up your mind that within the parameters of your own moral code, you can and will do what is necessary to survive."

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