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Top 10 Bugout Bag Items

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These top 10 Bugout bag items are a must!

“If you could have ONLY 10 items in your bugout bag what would those 10 items be? 
Base this on a total TEOTWAWKI event.

What items would you make sure to have in your BOB to ensure your survival?”

This question was asked to a group of folks who are actively preparing to survive whatever comes. Many of these people have hands-on experience in survival, while others are relatively new to survival preparedness.

Top 10 Bugout Bag Items

Most of the top 10 bugout bag items lists contained the basics of some type of food, water or water purification, fire starting, and shelter, in the form of a survival blanket, tent or poncho. However, there were a few items on the lists that were indicative of the importance of personalizing the contents of your bug-out Bag.

Of course, most people have more than just ten items, so the list below will help you get started in putting together your own BOB.

The Top 10 Bugout Bag Items

1. WATER: Water Purification Preferred
Most people prefer to have some type of water purification instead of carrying the additional weight of bottled water. Water purification might be a water bottle with a special filter, water purification tablets, or water pumps with purification methods attached.

MRE’s, dehydrated meals, high energy food bars. All Top 10 bugout bag items lists include packaged, long-term food. Today there are a multitude of options. The significant difference in pre-packaged grocery store foods and expert developed long-term foods is the packaging you can trust. You want the confidence that your survival food will be just as good today as when you really need it possibly years down the road.
I love telling everyone about the FREEZE-DRIED ice cream and ice cream sandwiches!
TRY THESE AT LEAST ONCE! They are on sale and worth the fun you get when you tell your family that you have dry ice cream. I give them as gifts, because most people still haven't discovered them.
Lights campfires, stoves, and even gas barbecue grills. Campfire Survival Fire Starter Light My Fire FireSteel Scout Fire Starter a 30000 spark!
Everyone carries some type of fire-starting equipment in their BOB: matches, flint and steel, lighters, cotton balls covered with petroleum jelly, mechanical or chemical starters.

Since exposure can kill one faster than starvation or dehydration, most top 10 bugout bag lists contain some form of shelter from the elements. A tent, a space blanket, poncho, tarp or just sheet of plastic will be sufficient for a short term emergency. Use most for individual shelter or protection from the elements, but they can also be used to collect water, or be used in the building of a larger shelter, lean-to, etc.

The type of knife varied from the multi-function tool to a hunting knife with a gut hook to a military-style knife.

Three layers of protection against cold, wet feet! Waterproof socks
SealSkinz Waterproof Socks

Some lists only include a couple of pairs of socks, while other bug-out bags contained several changes of clothes.

Specific pieces of survival clothing aren't the same quality items you buy at any clothing store. Waterproof socks keep your feet dry and warmer in the cold so you can get around for a longer time. Good survival socks also have no seams that create blisters. The top 10 bugout bag items can include simple products that literally make the difference in a successful preparedness plan.

This might be a small first aid kit (FAK), while other FAKs were much more extensive. Personally I have a separate bag to carry over my shoulder that contains a wide variety of first aid and medical supplies.

Ultralight and waterproof helps protect your kit for the unexpected.

With literally hundreds of uses cordage Coghlan's Camo Cord

This might be anything from fishing line, rope, twine, parachute cord or even thin wire.

Strong synthetic cordage is mildew and rot resistant.

A simple metal cup large enough to use for soup held over a fire, but also suitable as a drinking cup and traveling container. A mess kit with a pan, collapsible handle and a lid, that fits together and holds a cup and a utensils.

Stainless steel is easy to keep clean. Camping and survival cooking containers are also extra lightweight with thinner stainless. Cups are often nylon. Practice using your top 10 bugout bag items when camping or traveling outdoors. Keep another unused set ready and clean whenever possible, but learning how to use these bugout bag items gives you confidence now for what may be the inevitable futures.

Gun or rifle and ammo, axe, maps and Ranger Type Sighting Compasses, cross bow with arrows, Folding Shovel or entrenching tool, vitamins or other health aids, or mirror.

The last of the top 10 bugout bag items really varied greatly according to the individual’s own experience and ability to survive. Some folks’ BOB contains several of these items while leaving out other things that they might consider less essential to survival.
Do-It-Yourself Dehydrated Meals

DehydratingBugOutBookSave money with "How to Create Your Own Survival Meals - Food Dehydrating for Bug Out" Learn the techiques for dehydrating and vacuum sealing, with recipes that are nutritious and filling. Buy Now!

As you put together your bugout bag, this top 10 bugoug bag items list will help you to determine which items should be automatically included in each bag.
Then you can rest assured that your bugout bag contains those things that are an absolute must-have based on your own level of survival skill and confidence.

I want to give a special thanks to all those folks that answered the question about what they considered to be the top 10 bugout bag items. Thanks guys, you’re the best.

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