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Thrift Store Survival Preparations

When it's a matter of survival, pride goes out the window

foodshelvesYou may be wondering what thrift store survival preparations really are. It's simply going forward with survival preparations in spite of financial and budgetary limitations.

There are a multitude of survival and preparedness sites on the internet. There are thousands of books, tapes, CD’s, videos and courses that are aimed at educating you. I highly recommend doing your research. Unfortunately, it seems that most advice you find involves throwing great quantities of cash into survival preparations.

Thrift Store Survival Preparations

"You can prepare for survival with limited funds"

Of course, if cost is not a problem, then by all means buy what you need now and be done with your preparations. However, if you are like me, living pretty much week-to-week, then you need ideas for practical, thrift store survival preparations.

Probably the best advice I can give you is to "just do it"! Don't wait for some elusive point in the future when you will be able to afford to prepare, because that day may never come. However, even a few bucks a week can go a long way toward preparing.

Learn to be a "re" shopper": shop for items to "re-use", "re-purpose" and "re-cycle".

Learn to shop with an eye towards preparation, long-term storage, surviving without refrigeration or the microwave, access to medical help or fuel. Thrift store survival preparations can include shopping not only at thrift stores, but garage sales, eBay, local freecycle groups, dumpster diving (recycling) and dollar stores.

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