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Survival Trailer

Survival Trailer

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A Survival Trailer is an Asset in a Bug Out or Evacuation

The benefits from having a pre-packed survival trailer are many. While you pack supplies into your trailer, you can double check to make sure that you have not forgotten anything. The trailer itself can be used for storage or for shelter in a pinch. If you have the means to pull a trailer having one filled with survival supplies ready to pull out at a moment’s notice prevents items from being forgotten.


Camper Trailers

The type of trailer you choose may depend on what you will be pulling it with, how much weight you plan to haul, and if you will want to use it as a shelter. Pop up campers can hold a lot of supplies. If the roof section is strong enough, you can also put supplies on top.

Campers offer a wide range of creature comforts. Since they are designed for camping, they have self-contained fresh and gray water storage, some type of cook stove, a table and beds. Properly packed, pop up campers could hold a few months worth of food, clothing, tools and other survival necessities.

Utility trailers, even the small ones, are capable of holding hundreds of pounds. Properly packed these small trailers could hold all of the survival supplies for a family of four. With some ingenuity, the trailer itself could be converted into an outside kitchen once you have arrived at your destination. Brackets or modification to the trailer could allow you to set up a work or sleep station using the trailer as a base.


Small but Useful

You are only limited by your imagination. Small utility trailers can be pulled with cars that have a hitch. This may be easier for those whose budget will not permit the purchase of a heavy-duty truck.

Large and Easily Converted


Livestock trailers might be the ultimate survival trailer. Larger and longer these trailers could provide the shell for a very sturdy, portable shelter. Using the existing frame, brackets could be added to allow for bunk beds to be hung, shelves to hold supplies, food and gear and depending on the type of floor, a portable heater.

Canvass or tarps could be used to cover an open rail livestock trailer. Placing the tarp over the roof and attaching a second tarp on the side under the edge of the top tarp will create a water resistant shelter. Covering a trailer in this manner would also help to retain heat and provide a good windbreak.

Truck/Camper Combo


The downside to having a survival trailer is that you will need a vehicle with which to pull it. Larger utility and flatbed trailers require a truck to pull them. Livestock trailers are available in many sizes the largest of which require a fifth-wheel mount. This type of trailer is very large and is capable of transporting thousands of pounds. A large 4-wheel drive truck is needed to pull them. However, they could carry enough survival supplies, gear and food for a small army.


Bicycle Trailers for Bug Out

In the event of an EMP, the option of towing a fully loaded, heavy cargo trailer or camping trailer may be gone. However, with a little ingenuity, a bicycle survival trailer can carry quite a bit.

Remember that any survival bag, box or trailer should be checked quarterly. This allows you to alter the contents during each new season, discard outdated foods and inspect your gear for rodent or insect damage. You are responsible for planning to provide for yourself and your family during an emergency.

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