Survival Techniques

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Choosing the proper survival techniques and methods to learn, depends on where you anticipate living, when a problem arises.

Mountain survival methods are very different than sea level survival techniques that are different in winter over summer climates.

Most survival skills can be applied to both urban survival and wilderness survival situations. The most basic requirements below can make the difference in almost any situation.

  • How to build a survival trap
  • How to distill water from the sun
  • How to build a campfire

More advanced skills become targeted to specific climates and may be affected by the terrain. For example, differences in creating power to survive in a city is very different than creating power in a mountain cave. Understanding these anticipated elements is the first place to start when choosing specific survival techniques for your situation.


Practice the will to survive before it becomes necessary to face a difficult situation. A most important technique that can be applied to every survival situation is the will to survive. The persona who has not practiced the correct attitude of survival will have a much more difficult time making it through an adverse situation.

Think of it as a similar situation to panicking, drowning person who can't swim. Anyone swimming up to help is at risk of drowning, too, when a simple learned technique will save the day - become calm and float.

The will to survive as a technique can be developed now during the more typical day-to-day adverse issues. This may sound overly-simplistic, but the first place to alter personal perceptions is in how naturally in control a person is to personal responses.

Successful, personal control of day-to-day activities is identified in the level of harmony maintained during difficult situations. Watch how people fight, argue or cry over various experiences, while others hold compassion, understanding and maintain harmony within the same situation.

Being in control of emotions takes practice, so a person will care about a situation, but naturally remain in Harmony to handle the difficulties with poise. Harmony is the equivalent of being calm and floating during the unexpected and harsh life experiences.

Does it sound strange or too simplistic? In the roughest of situations the person who survives is the one that doesn't fight the internal demons, too.

This is a starting point only that can help create survival abilities that lead to a will to survive from internal understanding.


Technical survival abilities are learned from books and outdoor survival skills classes, but internal understanding comes from application of a greater truth. It takes effort to learn and to practice.

I highly recommend the skills shared by Sunshine Brewer who teaches more of these old world skills that are often handed down from our grandparents. Your preparedness library helps you find the internal survival techniques as well as the technical survival methods. Be prepared.

Survival skills help you survive in a disaster or wilderness survival situation. Very few people have all of the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive and survive. Preparing to survive as part of a group, even if it’s just small family, brings a great opportunity to not only learn a valuable skill together, but to also come together closer for a common goal.

SURVIVAL TIP: "Acquire all the survival skills that you can, and then look for a few like-minded people with whom you can form a survival and preparedness group."

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Survival Techniques Topics


You will need certain skills if you intend to bug out to the nearest patch of wilderness, or if you just spend a lot of time backpacking or hiking alone in the great outdoors.


Planning on an urban survival or trying to stay put in a town, then you will need to acquire some definite skills.


For most people the best survival technique is the one where they join with a group of like-minded survivalists. For others the best survival skill will be the will to survive.