Survival Shelters

Survival shelters can come in all shapes and sizes and be located anywhere. If your shelter is located miles from the nearest city on your survival homestead, then you will deal with concerns like power and water especially. However, if you are planning on bugging out, then shelter could be anything from a tent, to an RV, to a brush teepee.

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Here you will find information about different types of survival shetlers. You will also find links to information about surviving with power, solar power, distilling water from the sun, in fact anything having to do with building your own survival homestead.

No Place Like Home

Most information on emergency shelters falls into two categories; wilderness and underground. However, what if you are not in the wilderness and you don’t have a backyard in which to build an underground refuge? What do you look for as a protective environment if you live in an urban area?

Well, naturally, unless an earthquake, tornado or other natural disaster has destroyed it, the safest place to be will be your home or apartment. Even if a storm has caused a power outage, if you’ve already prepared for a disaster with supplies, food and water, then you probably have enough to last for an extended length of time.

If your home has been damaged beyond safe inhabitation, travel trailers, RVs or tents pitched in the backyard, provided it’s not the middle of winter, will work as temporary survival shelters. These options allow you to stay close to your home and protect your belongings, while the wheeled shelters, provided they are well stocked, will provide many of the comforts of home, including cooking, beds and sanitary facilities.

Sheltering Away from Home

In the event you are not at home when disaster strikes, your only option may be to stay where you are, at least until it becomes safe to leave. Emergency shelters may include an office building, a school, hospital, the mall or church.

Most commercial business or office buildings will have water, an area with vending machines or food, microwaves and coffee maker, as well as a landline phone service. In many cities, the power lines will be underground, so the chances are the building may still have power.

Note: Since 9/11 many employers have taken steps to provide some type of emergency survival supplies in case of a disaster that leaves their employees isolated from outside assistance.

Remember if there is looting and rioting, a decision will need to be made as to whether to resist, hide or run. A group of people can take turns standing lookout, but if you are alone in the survival shelter and the building has been invaded by unfriendly looters or rioters, then finding a good hiding place may be your best survival action.

Don't Shelter in Walmart!

Avoid makeshift shelters such as public buildings, offices or stores -- and that means Wal-Mart and Target -- that offer food, drugs or weapons. They, and you, will be become targets by looters looking for easy pickings.

In extreme emergencies where the city is being evacuated and your transportation breaks down in mid-evacuation, breaking into an empty home for temporary shelter may be your only option. The legal ramifications of your decision can be sorted out after the emergency has passed. Desperate Times = Desperate Measures

About Shelters

There are different types of shelters and you may need to build your own or know how to turn whatever is handy into a protection from the elements.

Build It

Making Do

Whether your are planning to survive at a homestead or in an urban area, chances are that sooner or later you will face a power outage, but there are things that can be done to provide the power needed for both comfort and safety.

Often a rural survival retreat will have different shelter needs and involve a different existence.

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