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Survival Retreat

Survival Retreat

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Having a survival retreat that you can escape to may mean the difference in whether you survive or not in the aftermath of a major disaster. Living in a large metropolitan area is great when everything is going well, however, large cities depend on power to provide electricity and to pump water and remove waste, and on delivery of food supplies several times a week. This infrastructure will break down quickly after an emergency, leaving the citizens without power, water or food.

Anyone who has watched the news following the 2010 Haiti earthquake can see there are definitely dangers. Just like what happened in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when disaster strikes and there’s no law enforcement; people will revert to uncivilized behaviors. There will be looting of business and stores, and when they exhaust what’s in those locations, they will begin breaking into houses.


For many the safest place will be somewhere outside of the city limits. Plan evacuation routes out of the city that do not involve major highways. During an emergency, these will become parking lots. If you are capable of riding a bicycle, ride out of the city. Specially designed bicycle packs will allow you to carry more survival supplies with you to your survival retreat.

To avoid the possibility of being a victim of post-disaster lawlessness, some preppers try to have a survival retreat out in the country, away from the city. However, not everyone can afford to own two houses. Nor can everyone afford to own property even if it is undeveloped. There are a few alternatives. If you have friends or relatives who live in rural areas, you may be able to pre-arrange to stay with them in the event of an emergency.

Group Survival Refuge

For many years small groups of people have been banding together and purchasing land in areas they feel will be safe. Working together people can accomplish more. This applies to every aspect of life including purchasing real estate. With the state of the economy, land prices in many locations are very low.

Remember that if an emergency occurs that forces you to seek refuge at the survival retreat, you will be sharing this spot with your co-investors. Most often, these small groups of like-minded people are related by family or faith, so there is already someone in the leadership role. However, other groups will have to work out each member’s role.


Before purchasing land that you will use for a survival retreat, you need to consider every aspect. Undeveloped land usually lacks a dependable water supply. You will need shelter of some kind as well. Tents are great for summer use and some are designed to withstand temperatures below zero but they are still tents. So you will want to know how to build a survival shelter.

If the location is so remote that you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to it, the odds are that delivery trucks or well digging machinery will not be able drive in. If you or a family member requires weekly care by a physician, you need to find out if there is one close by. Remote locations can become snowed in easily. Spring rains can also flood small creeks preventing you from leaving. Before you make any decisions consider every aspect of the location and your personal needs.

Shelters in a remote location should include the items required to make life there as easy as possible. Mountain men and women survived without many of the things we take for granted today. Even with the barest of supplies many retreats can be made more comfortable.

Retreat Cooking

Cast iron wood stoves can be used for heating or cooking. Wood burning cook stoves like the Amish use allow you to cook, stay warm and with some modification have hot water as well. Cookware needs to be heavy duty. Cast iron is the best. Cast iron is heavy but well worth the weight, considering the high temperatures that wood burning stoves produce. Regular pots and pans are not useful, the thin walls will cause food to stick and burn.

Retreat Waste

A remote shelter will lack sanitary systems, digging and constructing an outhouse is one alternative. The Hassock portable toilet, available through Nitro Pak, is a durable alternative. The waste disposal bags will allow you the time needed to determine a safe method for disposal of human waste. When considering your retreat’s sanitary needs, be sure to include a few hundred pounds of lime. Lime helps to reduce the odor of human waste and helps it to decompose faster.

A survival retreat can be a worthwhile investment. Choosing like-minded friends or family members to help can be useful. People really do accomplish more when they work together.

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