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Survival Preparation

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Be prepared BEFORE the flood, fire, earthquake, emergency, or terrorist attack.
It is possible to survive exposure to radioactive iodine
Survival preparation is not about being paranoid, but instead is a type of precaution. People take precautions to protect themselves and their families every day; putting on your seat belt, locking your doors and teaching children not talk to strangers are precautions. Homeowner’s insurance is another type of precaution.

The world today is full of unexpected events. While most of us will not be faced with a disaster, everyone may experience some type of short-term emergency. Storms may cause an interruption of power, brush fires may force you to leave your home quickly or a pandemic outbreak may require you to remain in your home for a few days. Planning requires a little effort, can be done easily, and can be as vital as having a homeowner’s insurance policy. Swine Flu Personal Evacuation Pak

When you begin making plans for your survival you should consider your geographic area. Each area has its own special environment. Some people may need hand warmers while others may need insect repellant and sunscreen. Also consider how many members are in your family and of course what your budget will be.

Once you have an idea of what you are preparing for all that is left is finding the supplies. Nitro Pak has everything anyone needs to prepare for most unexpected events. Space Blankets are lightweight, versatile and a must for any survival preparation. Each family member should have at least one. The original is silver in color and folds down to a small package to heavier ones more fabric. These blankets can be used to protect you from the cold, provide temporary shelter from the elements and if needed provide water through the process of solar distillation.

Survival food should have a long shelf life and require little to no preparation. MREs Hungry Man SUPER MRE Meals are a complete balanced meal that contain the required calories and nutrients to provide an adult with one meal, as are Mountain House freeze dried meals . Dehydrated foods have an extended shelf life and require only hot water to re-hydrate.

A first aid kit should always be kept in your home. Basic first aid supplies like band-aids, gauze, medical tape and antibiotic cream are a necessity for any first aid kit. Over the counter medications that you might include are age-appropriate fever reducers, anti-inflammatory medicines, diarrhea preparations and anti-vomiting medicine. A good multivitamin should be added.

Taking a multi-vitamin daily increases your ability to stay healthy. Super Spectrim daily vitamins have a 10-year shelf life. One bottle will provide a family of four with a daily vitamin for over a month.

As you can see, survival preparation covers every aspect of healthy life.

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