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Survival medicine for survival preparedness is about planning how to handle medical or health emergencies in the absence of medical professionals. This includes basic and advanced first aid, homeopathic remedies, medicinal plants and acquiring the education necessary to use them.

Help May Not Come Quickly Enough

No one ever knows when a disaster may strike and someone might need medical care. During a large-scale emergency it may be hours or days before an emergency response team can reach you. You would be wise to be prepared to offer your survival medicine assistance to family and neighbors in such a situation.

DIY Medical Kits

AMK Professional
Mountain Medic Kit

When considering basic first aid you can look at the small first aid kits available for a buck at the dollar store. These are compact, contain a couple of Bandaids, alcohol wipes and not much else; these are perfect for tucking into a survival fanny pack.

A more extensive disaster medical kit can be created yourself by stocking it with a wide variety of first aid and survival medicine. A little ingenuity can help you create a well-stocked medical case that could be invaluable in a survival emergency.

EMT In a Bag

Emergency and First Responders Kit

If you don’t want to create your own medical kit there are a number of different emergency medical kits you can purchase. Again these kits will range from basic first aid to emergency kits so well stocked that they are like an EMT in a bag. In fact if your survival group includes someone with medical training will find these more extensive kits the perfect assistant for survival medicine.

Commercial first aid kits generally come with instructions on how to provide basic medical care. Many include flipbook instructions that allow you to assess and provide care for head injuries, lacerations and cuts, punctures, sudden illness and simple fractures. Specialized first aid kits like suture and syringe kits, available through Nitro Pak contain the necessary items to repair large lacerations and irrigate deep wounds.

Natural Remedies

Some of the best homeopathic remedies that I recommend you have as part of your survival medicine kit are colloidal silver and several essential oils. Colloidal silver can be made using rechargeable 9V batteries and distilled water and is an antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-viral. For essential oils I have lavender for sinus, itches or stress, eucalyptus for congestion, peppermint for tummy upsets and as a bee repellant.

The knowledge of medicinal plants that you should acquire will depend on where you live and where you plan to go in a situation that might require survival medicine. Not only will that knowledge help you find plants necessary for survival emergency medicine, but many of those plants are also edible. Make sure you get a book with colored photos and details about how to prepare and use those medicinal plants.


The American Red Cross offers courses in basic, intermediate and advanced first aid as well as infant, child and adult CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation). These courses are inexpensive and provide the instruction and training needed to provide first aid in a medical emergency.

You don't have to have the training of a doctor or an EMT to save someone's life. Basic first aid training will ensure that you don't panic when you see blood or realize that you are looking at a broken bone.

Between learning CPR and taking a How to Suture class you will take that first aid training beyond basic, and give you the knowledge you need to handle many types of emergencies in a survival situation.

Remember that the most equipped first aid kits and medical bags can be pretty useless if someone doesn't know how to use the contents.

Better to be trained and never need that training, than to need it and have no idea what to do!

Where There is No Doctor

If you are unable to attend this type of class rest assured there is information available to help you learn how to provide emergency medical care. The book “Where There is No Doctor” which was written to assist individuals in third world countries is available through Nitro Pak. It is very comprehensive and covers many topics. This book is written in simple language and is valuable for backpackers, rural residents who live hours away from medical facilities, parents, midwives, educators and small business owners.

Adventure Medical Kits

Importance of Hygiene

The most common problem you will experience during an emergency is hygiene. With the lack of safe water, contaminated water and poor sanitation, gastric problems such as diarrhea can develop quickly. Including anti-diarrhea medication in your survival medicine first aid kit and keeping Ceralyte Oral Rehydration Salts on hand will prevent a simple case of diarrhea from becoming dangerous.

Disease Prevention

Probably the most feared medical issue to follow any type of large scale disaster that compromises basic sanitation is that of disease. Typhoid and cholera are the two illnesses which often appear in refugee camps where sanitation facilities are basically non-existent.

Hand sanitizers need to provide at least 99% effective germicide to be useful. Even then proper hand washing is important. Water purification tablets or a portable water filtration unit like one of the many available through Nitro Pak, will allow you to make safe drinking water and water for washing your hands. This alone will prevent many topical infections, infectious diseases such as the common cold and flu.

Deluxe Pandemic Flu Kit

Not all diseases are caused by poor hygiene, but are either naturally occurring deadly viral, fungal or bacterial pathogens or weaponized biologic agents that  have the potential of becoming a pandemic.

When confronted by an airborne pathogen, isolation and practicing stringent measures to avoid catching or spreading the disease will become standard practice.

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Medical Rescue Response Bags

Medical Rescue Response Bags heavyweight cordura nylon, 3-section central compartment, zip flap storage pocket and tool loops, 2 zippered side pouches, 2 front pouches and tool loops, top handle, adjustable shoulder strap, quick release buckle and VELCROr Brand closures, reflective Star of Life emblem, 15"x9"x7". (accessories not included)

Suture/Syringe Kit

The field surgical kit from Adventure Medical Kits contains hospital-quality field surgical instruments for closing wounds, injecting medication and starting IVs. Essential for Third World travel or where sterile components are not always available. An excellent addition to any emergency, survival or serious medical kit.

Deluxe Hygiene Kit
Accessory Kit to the Home Survival Kit with additional emergency supplies specifically designed for family hygiene following a disaster. This comprehensive accessory kit contains all of the personal hygiene supplies needed to maintain healthy, sanitary conditions for you and your family following a disaster.

CPR - Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

Emergency CPR and bloodborne pathogen kit offers protection from bleeding victims while administering CPR and first aid.

Adventure Medical Kits
Measures 16" x 10" x 8". This kit is designed to be used by rescue professionals trained as Paramedics, Wilderness EMT, or Wilderness First Responders. Kit upgrades include blood pressure cuff, oral and nasal airway kits and enough supplies for a month long expedition for a large group.