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A machete can be a great help in heavy brush
A survival machete is a tool that can be used to cut brush, small limbs and sharpen sticks. Machetes are wide edged tools that have blades no less than 12 and no more than 26 inches long from the handle. Machete blades are wider than knives and have a single sharp edge. Older machetes blades that were used to clear fields were sometimes 36 inches long.


The machete is an old tool. They were originally designed to cut cane and other stiff stemmed crops and brush. The Spanish designed a short machete that was worn and used like a short sword. This type of machete called a cutachas was used in close combat to clear gun ramparts. As the machete was introduced to other countries adaptations and modifications of its shape and size were made.

The Kukri

The most common shape of a machete is a slightly curved front edge with the blade being the same width from the tip to the handle. The Kukri has a wide oval top that thins to half that size as it nears the handle. This shape provides an arc shaped cutting edge. Machetes are swung in order to produce the best cut. A strong sharp machete will remove small limbs and branches with one swing.


Choosing a machete as one of your survival tools allows you to have an axe, hatchet and large knife all in one. They are lighter in weight than most axes, have a larger cutting edge than most hatchets and are longer than most knives. Machetes should be made from one piece of steel. In the event that the handle breaks or become damaged it can be replaced easily with parachute cord, wood or leather.


Many of the best knife makers also make machetes. Gerber, Cold Steel and Busse all produce machetes. Machete handles are available in various materials. The less expensive machetes use thin plastic for their handles which breaks easily. The more expensive models have composite, rubber or hardwood handles. If you plan to use your machete to cut wood or cut thick material you may want to consider one with a molded rubber handle. The rubber absorbs the impact lessening the recoil to your hand.


The ChopSaw is a modified machete and is quite useful. In addition to a full length machete with a composite handle the top edge of the thick blade is a wood saw. This allows one tool to cut large pieces of wood and whack brush and clear debris. The blade is thicker than the average machete giving it better tinsel strength.

Survival Machete

The ultimate survival machete may be the Battle Mistress machete made by the Busse Knife Company. The unique INFI metal used to make this machete is unmatched in its strength. Any blade made from INFI can withstand rigors that usually break other blades. They are a costly investment but one that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

A survival machete should fit your hand well. You should not be uncomfortable swinging it. A machete that is too heavy or too long will not an effective tool. Machetes can be worn on your belt and some are capable of being worn on your back.

Choose your gear wisely, especially a survival machete. A good edged tool is well worth the investment.

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