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Personal and home food dehydrators become fun family activities that enhance your short term food storage programs. The kids can help wash and clean fruits and vegetables. The family can select special recipes that are so good you'll find new healthy snacks and entress to take on trips, too. Food dehydrators can save a lot of money now that food prices are skyrocketing, but they can also add a fun family acitivity..
Food Dehydrator


Water is the second most important item to add to your long term storage program and yet it is often the most overlooked requirement. Today water might be abundant where you live, but increasingly even municipal water supplies are being tainted with chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cleaners that don't get removed enough at the water treatment plant. Fortunately there are pocket water pumps that can purify a daily requirement of water from a polluted stream. However, planning ahead to have rain catching systems or bulk water storage can make survival situations much easier to manage..
Water Supply & Storage


Let's talk about a delicate subject for some. Personal Hygiene It's the little things we miss that can make life civilized. I'm glad someone thought of it, because I missed this one. A personal hygiene kit isn't too expensive. You can make one yourself. Just be sure you fill it with the personal needs of everyone. There won't be any last minute runs to the store, so do some special needs planning on this necessary kit. Look at these to get an idea of your list to put in your bucket..
Professional personal hygiene kits


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Food for disaster survival needs to be high calorie and high fat. Food shortages and survival will be the ultimate diet.

Survival meals should include foods that are easily prepared or can be consumed without any preparation at all. Items such as dehydrated foods and those with high nutritional value should be always be part of your survival preparations. Other products you may use are self-heating foods, pouch products, and freeze-dried foods.

Bananas are one of the easiest foods to dehydrate and make an excellent addition to your survival preparations

The highest, nutritionally-loaded emergency survival foods are the emergency food bars that contain approximately 3600 calories. For day to day eating they would be considered a weight gain product, but in an emergency situation, these bars may be the only food option for the entire day. They can provide enough useful nutrition for three days for an average sized person. At least a couple of these food bars should be included in every emergency backpack, bug-out bag (BOB) and survival fanny pack.

mre3With these types of “open and eat” survival meals, you can still eat even if you lose your cooking equipment. Of course, you can always rig up a fire and spit after you catch a meal, but if you are injured the best course of action is to have some fast and easy ready-to-eat meals handy.

There are several online sources that will give you tips for preparing for a survival situation, as well as help you choose the correct foods for your emergency plans. They offer a number of long-term storage and survival food products ideal for inclusion in a bug-out bag or a survival shelter.

However, if the cost is prohibitive, you can keep the cost down by dehydrating and vacuum-packaging your own foods for survival . Not only will you realize a significant cost savings, but you have the assurance of knowing exactly what ingredients are in each meal.

Presenting "How to Create Your Own Survival Meals", an e-guide that teaches you "Food Dehydrating ". Get step-by-step help to turn the same food you eat everyday into ready to eat meals perfect for a great menu of short term survival foods.
Dehydrated foods

Survival Foods Topics

From preparing in advance by purchasing long-term storage foods and planting a garden, to learning how to identify edible wild plants, to raising livestock and butchering your own meat, it is possible to survival hunger.

Long-term food storage techniques can mean using survival foods with storage methods employed by our ancestors. Not sure how to get started on a long-term food storage progarm or hows and whats? Here's the information you can use to ensure that your family has food to eat in the coming rough times. Survival foods aren't the same as they were just 20 years ago. Today available menu items intended for long term storage encompass many different enthnic and regional popular foods. And they taste good, too. You can make a lot of outstanding dehydrated survival foods that will become staples in your family eating habits right now. It's a lot of fun to experiment. What better way to teach the entire family survival food cooking methods than to have fun while creating a healthy habit!

Survival foods come in a wide and natural variety of ways to help you survive hunger in the wilderness. Edible plants, trees and mushrooms can become the fresh ingredient to MREs or freeze dried foods.

Learning how to butcher wild game is a necessary survival skill. Once you learn to butcher a deer or elk, then preparing a squirrel or rabbit will seem a quick and easy task. Not everyone wants to butcher animals in the wild as part of their survival preparedness action plan, but it is another survival foods preparation skill that can be the difference in your life or death.

You can create your own dehydrated meals that are perfect for long-term survival food storage, bug out bags and backpacking. Freeze dried foods still maintain good nutrition and are light weight. It's an easy way to save money, eat healthy and have a taste of home while traveling outdoors.

Long term survival foods can be used for backpacking foods, but emergency or lightweight MRE's used solely as backpacking foods are not suitable for long term storage.

If you don't have the time to garden, hunt and put up the bounty, yet know you need to get some food stores in place, then check out these different types of long-term storage foods.

Instead of jerky and granola, MREs and freeze dried survival foods are light-weight and nutritious meals that are good for hiking and backpacking. These are the products the professionals use on deep woods tracking. They also work well in you bug out bag.

Why do I keep reminding everyone about the freeze dried ice cream? Because it reminds me of some of the best times I've had in my life with some of the closest people I've known. And it tastes like nothing else I've ever had. It really is that good. BUY IT. Like it? Don't like it? Come back and write a review or just feel like a kid again and have fun. My only regret is that it didn't come with a small slice of survial food dehydrated pizza. :)

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