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Survival Fanny Packs

Have one in your bug out bag, backpack and emergency medical bag. I do. Coghlan's Emergency Thermal Blanket

Every bug out bag should contain a good first aid kit. 1st Aid Kits

Bad water can be deadly
Potable Aqua® Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets

A fanny pack for disaster survival is not a fashion statement

What are survival or disaster fanny packs and what good are they? While they are definitely not for long-term survival, they could be invaluable in a situation where a sudden and unexpected disaster might occur. They also offer the advantage of leaving the hands free.

Note: "Hands Free" is the beauty of fanny packs. In an emergency situation, where one may be climbing or hiking, having your hands free is very important.

fannypack5Emergency fanny packs usually only contain the bare necessities for short-term survival, and are favored by people who have received training to be neighborhood first responders. The hands-free carrying option of the fanny pack enables first responders to use both hands in assisting those who are victims of the current emergency.

Note: If you're an employer looking for great employee gifts, give the survival fanny pack. You'll be a true hero for thinking of the welfare of your people!

firstaidkit2Containing the basic necessities for one person for up to 48 hours, emergency fanny packs are lightweight and unobtrusive, perfect for tucking into a desk drawer in the office, or keeping in the trunk or glove compartment of the car. With the widespread awareness of how vulnerable people are to natural and man-made disasters, the disaster fanny pack has become a popular corporate gift.

Survival or Emergency Pack Ingredients

The items listed below are a representation of what commercially-produced disaster survival packs might contain:

  • 1 – Dust mask
  • 1 – AM/FM radio
  • 1 – Pocket-sized 33-piece First Aid Kit
  • 1 – High-calorie emergency food bar (1 person/3 days)
  • 1 – Thermal blanket (warmth and emergency shelter)
  • 1 – Poncho with hood (keep out the rain)
  • 1 – Safety whistle (to call for help)
  • 1 – Packet of tissues (great substitute for TP)
  • 1 - Flashlight (include the batteries)
  • 3 – 8.5 oz boxes of water w/attached straws

"First ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen? Then prepare to accept it. Then prepare to improve on the worst." - Dale Carnegie

fannypack3Some survival fanny packs may also contain waterproof matches, water purification tablets, and contact/ID cards. These survival fanny packs make ideal gifts for loved ones who commute to the city every day and average from $30 to $50.

Gift Ideas: High school or college students, parents, friend who is traveling by plane...with a little thought you'll have some ideas of who you can give one to.

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