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Survival Camping Equipment

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Survival camping equipment consists of those items that do dual duty as camping gear and survival equipment. Camping trips are exciting for people of all ages and the best camping trips are those that include all the proper tools needed to survive nature. There are many items that outdoor enthusiasts bring along when heading out for a camping trip that can be found on many survival equipment lists.

More than a Tent

Survival camping equipment is not just food, water and a tent. There are all-purpose tools, flashlights, first aid kits and much more that need to be packed before leaving the security of home. A variety of general, all-purpose tools should be included in the packing of camping gear. A camp axe, small shovel, hammer, duct tape for patching tent holes, and twine are essentials in any camping pack.


Individual tools such as a screwdriver, knife, can opener or scissors can be packed, or to conserve space consider a multi-tool that has all of those capabilities. Even if a multi-tool is packed, it is a good idea to have another basic, the pocket or survival knife in case of an emergency that warrants its use. Tweezers are another general tool that can be useful when dealing with splinters, bee stingers or removing a tick. Since quality first Aid kits include tweezers, you won’t need to bring a duplicate set.


When camping, light is a necessity and the easiest source of light is a flashlight. They are easy to pack but should not take the place of waterproof matches and candles. Candles can be used when all else fails. Most flashlights use batteries so be sure to include extra or purchase a flashlight that can be hand powered or shaken to produce light. Nitro-Pak, Inc. has a variety of flashlights for every situation, including high powered headlamps that can be very handy when camping.


Survival camping equipment should also include supplies needed to signal help if necessary. Several road or signal flares, a small mirror and at least one whistle should be included with the outdoor gear. If hiking make sure everyone has a whistle in case of separation. Pack a cell phone with a charging adapter, a two-way radio and a radio that uses batteries especially if hiking. GPS, compass and a map should also be included to help find the way should a camper get lost. Emergency Radios

Staying Warm

Everything to build a fire such as waterproof matches, lighters, fire starters and everything needed to put out a fire such as an extinguisher should be brought along. Personal heaters such as the hand and body warmers or heated blankets sold by Nitro-Pak are a vital part of packing camping gear.

Water Filtration/Purification

Generally most outdoorsmen bring more food, water and clothing than they will need. However, there should be enough water for each person to survive 72 hours. Water from an outdoor source can be used but make sure to have a container that can fit water and either a filter or purification tablets.

Pack Extra

Make sure to pack extra food to make certain that there is enough for each person to eat for one day. When packing clothing make sure the material provides enough support for the activities done while camping.

Survival Homestead hopes that you find helpful this information about Survival Camping Equipment.

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