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Survival and Emergency Preparedness Groups

Survival and Emergency Preparedness Groups

Many survival groups can be found on Yahoo Groups

Survival and disaster preparedness groups are both abundant and scarce. Do a quick search online and you will find a lot of them, however most of the results will be commercial sites eager to sell you anything you might need for disaster survival. True like-minded, information-sharing groups are a little more difficult to locate.

Most Groups Share Religious, Political or Social Values

survivalgroupThere are a lot of survival groups in the United States which are not on the net. These are small, local groups that have come together based on common religious, political or social values. In order to stay together past the initial formation stage, these groups share the same ideals, principles, and attitudes, with a definitive leadership structure, clear lines of communication and trouble resolution guidelines.

"With a little courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything." - Annoymous

Most survival and emergency preparedness groups have been formed with the belief that there will eventually be a complete breakdown of society or government, brought about by some type of natural disaster or massive act of terrorism. While many of these groups may also have a shared religious foundation, there is probably only one religious organization that actively encourages its members to prepare for survival. Based on their history of persecution, the Church of Latter Day Saints, aka the Mormon Church, teaches its members to stockpile food, water, first aid, tools and equipment.

Note: I spent some time in Utah years ago. I remember hearing about "caches" in the mountains, where locals would hide their survival gear.

groupThe best survival and emergency preparedness group to belong to is probably one that you form yourself with like-minded individuals, usually family members and neighbors, all committed to the same goals. With shared belief systems, ethics and geographical location, such a group will have a better chance of surviving, both before and after a disaster, than a group formed by relative strangers.

Survival Groups Whose Purpose is Training and Education

firebuildingIn addition to survival groups, there are outdoor survival schools, or wilderness survival training courses that one can signup for, whose purpose is to teach you how to survive in the outdoors. These schools teach fire-making skills, animal tracking and trapping, and how to make weapons from wood and stone. Students also learn how to make rope from natural plant fibers, weave a basket, and build a shelter from sticks, leaves, rocks and even snow, depending on the season and location of the class.

Don't Try and Go It Alone

lonewolfhandsIn your disaster plans you would do well to consider survival and emergency preparedness groups. A lone wolf doesn’t survive long in the wild and neither will someone who is alone. A group of individuals with shared resources, duties and ideals will be much stronger and have a better chance of surviving than a lone individual or even a small family.

"A threefold cord is not quickly broken." - Bible

Finding Yahoo Survival and Emergency Preparedness Groups

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