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Sunshine Brewer

The world leader in preparedness
Be prepared BEFORE the flood, fire, earthquake, emergency, or terrorist attack.
We are pleased to welcome Sunshine Brewer to our family of knowledgeable writers. We appreciate the time that Sunshine is taking to share of her knowledge and experience; knowing that she does so between doing her own preps.

Many of you will recognize the name “Sunshine” from seeing her contributions in several of the best survival and preparedness groups, such as HunkerDown06, StayAlert48 and Survival-Homestead Yahoo groups. There she shares information about edible and medicinal plants, survival skills and basic self-sufficiency. Anyone who “meets” her will agree that she lives up to her name, bringing light and warmth to all.

Sunshine grew up on her Native American grandparents' 27-acre self-sufficient farm. There she learned about the local plants, animals and how to operate the farm without the use of machinery.

sunshine3She began learning the arts of survival and self-sufficiency from an early age. This knowledge was the basis of her success, when for over a decade she used her tracking skills with her canine partner as a Search and Rescue officer to find missing people.

Today, this respected lecturer, who instructs classes on wilderness survival, edible, medicinal and utilitarian plants at the Global Survival Institute continues to share the knowledge given to her by her Native American grandparents.

Her writings bring her skills and knowledge to her readers along with the insight and wit that are her trademarks.

Because Sunshine Brewer shares the heartfelt purpose of Survival Homestead: to help folks get prepared to meet the next disaster, we are sure you will find her eguides and ebooks not only educational, but a valuable part of your survival preparedness library.

Currently available:

“Coast to Coast Survival Plants” – a 45- page e-guide detailing the edible, medicinal and utilitarian uses of plants that can be found throughout the United States. Learn more...

“How to Make Rope & Twine from Plant Fibers” – a five page instructional guide, complete with full-color photos and step-by-step instructions for turning a bunch of weeds into a handy cord

“Primitive Dye Techniques and Plants” – a six page instruction guide, complete with full-color photos and step-by-step instructions for using plants to dye a wide variety of plant fibers and cloth

Her first book, “Mother Nature's Emporium” will soon be available as an ebook through Survival Homestead.

The best expert is the one willing to share what they know...that's Sunshine Brewer

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