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Solar Distillers

Solar Distillers

Knowing how to distill water using the power of the sun could be essential in the future

sunSolar-powered distillers are being used more and more to help give us better drinking water. City water is full of chlorine as well as other cleaning products that make it taste horrible. These distillers work with the sun, as the sun evaporates the water destroying the pathogens.

"Without water we die. Without the sun, we die sooner." - Anonymous

The purified water then runs from the solar-powered distillers into a trough where it flows into five-gallon glass jugs. The high temperature inside the solar distillers allows for the pathogens and other impurities to dissipate leaving the drinkable water.

waterThere are many myths surrounding solar stills and distilled water when solar distillers are involved. For instance, sun distillers do not boil the water. We have been taught to boil water to remove the impurities from the water in order to make it drinkable.

It is important to make sure the water is put through the distillers at a very high temperature. Water needs to be 212 Fahrenheit for maximum benefits. Solar-powered distillers are more of an evaporator than an actual distiller. This means that the water will evaporate leaving the impurities on the screen separating the water that does not evaporate to be moved into the trough.

waterdrops_2Solar water distillers need to be kept sealed. The glass distillers allow for a large surface area of water where bugs and bacteria can grow. Distillers that are stainless steel tend to keep out bacteria easier than the glass jars. The solar-powered distillers are meant for the outdoors, which means it is very difficult to keep it air tight outside as well as let it evaporate. Distillers that are airtight will not allow evaporation to happen.

When you use solar distillers, you will need to understand it is a slow process. You have to have enough rainfall or at least enough un-distilled water to create enough drinkable water. Most often, this process can take several days or weeks depending on the heat.

Using the basics of solar heat and evaporation it is possible to build a small portable solar water distiller

Solar water distillers are supposed to give us better drinking water than other avenues. It is important to realize that these distillers are very large units that need to have a place in the sun. You also need to have a way to keep bugs from getting into the water while it is going through the distillation process. This can be a very expensive process for you to have at your home. Other methods of getting the water filtered from your sink are less expensive.

It is possible to use an understanding of the basics of solar distillers to produce drinkable water in an emergency situation. Solar distillation will also produce water in the desert provided one has a few basics like a tarp or plastic sheet.

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