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Portable Survival Water Purifier

Portable Survival Water Purifier

There's not much more important in a survival situation than drinkable water

waterfallThe portable water purifier has been created to help campers or backpackers to drink the water they find. This way a person does not need to carry a lot of water, especially when they are on in the wilderness for several days.

"I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man." - Henry David Thoreau

It is hard to have trusted water unless you carry it with you or have a some way to purify the water you find. A portable water purifier offers the ability to cleanse your water for drinking in just a few minutes.


While we would all like to think that the wilderness is untouched, that just is not as true as it once was. Even the fastest moving streams can be full of giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium. campylobacter jejuni and hepatitis. To avoid getting sick, the portable survival water purifier should be used whenever you fill your water container.

The surest way of purifying water - boil it before drinking.

portapurifierYou can use two other methods if you do not have a survival water purifier. This is boiling water or water purification tablets. The water purification tablets can be used as a portable survival water purifier because you will use the tablets to neutralize any impurities.

A portable water purifier has a filter inside the actual container where the water is allowed to drain through the filter into the rest of the container. This cleanses the water before you drink it. Some of the portable water purifiers available take several hours for the water will drain through. This type of portable water purifier drains into a container after which you remove the filter.

In a survival situation you can use some cloth to absorb the dew from the plants and then suck the water out of the cloth.

It may seem easier to use a water purifier such as the water purification tablet. This means allowing the tablet to dissolve in the water in a few minutes making it drinkable. Usually you use one of these tablets each time you fill the container with new water from a stream, creek, or other water source.

The idea behind the portable water purifier is to make it easier when you are out on the trail, because you are going to be dependent on the water sources around you. Therefore, it is better to use a portable survival water purifier than to just drink the water. It will also help keep your load down when you are in the wilderness.

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