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Plants That Cure Illnesses

A Survival Must-Have!
The ultimate Native American guide to edible, medicinal and utilitarian wilds plants all across the US, plus these ebooks and eguides...
• "Medicinal Plants Wild and Cultivated"
• "Primitive Dye Techniques and Plants"
• "How to Make Rope & Twine from Plant Fibers"
• "Disaster - Understand Prepare Survive"
• "Preparedness for Kids"
• "Disaster Preparedness for Pets"
• 24-Week Preparedness Purchasing Guide
• Emergency Disaster Supplies
• Barter Goods
• One Year Supply of Food Guide
• How Much Food to Store
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A book on medicinal plants should be a part of any disaster preparedness plans.

medicinalplantPlants that can cure illnesses (or are said to "cure") can also cause some negative effects. An incorrect dosage can create unexpected results. Some plants or herbs may have one effect at a low dosage and the exact opposite at a high dosage. That's why studying with a master herbalist proficient in nature walks and various plant species can help you learn the importance in each item.

It's important to understand how to extract the active ingredient from the plants that cure illnesses, and that medicinal plants may not always work alone.

This means you may have several plant extracts to help you create the combination that will ultimately work. Different medicinal plants that cure illnesses can be combined with supporitive herbs that make them all synergistic.

The unprepared survivalist thinks that plants that cure illnesses are hard to locate or accurately identify, which is not true. In fact, many plants that cure sickness can be found in your backyard, or at least in your home state. There are even plants that are believed to cure cancers that cannot be cured by regular means.

Marijuana is in the news as an alternative medical plant said to help those with cancer. While it cannot cure the cancer, some people claim it can help the sickness from the treatments go away. This is why it is considered one of the medicinal plants worth mentioning. Some individuals can legally secure this plant in order to help themselves. There are plants that cure illnesses that might treat and cure illness that are far less controversial.

Salicylic acid or aspirin is just one of the natural ingredients can be found in plants that cure illnesses. This natural pain relief can be found in the inner bark of the cottonwood, aspen (“aspirin”) and poplar trees. That is useful knowledge to have the next time you are high in the mountains and get a headache.

Useful Wild Trees - There are many useful wild trees that are either edible or medicinal, or both.

Coniferous Forest Plants - Coniferous forest plants may be useful in herbal plants, wild edible plants, and medicinal plants.

Plants that cure illnesses - Used For Medicine - In a survival situation it’s a good idea to know the plants that cure illnesses used for medicine...

Medicinal Plants - You need to give medicinal plants time to work. In other words, these are not miracle plants...

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