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Major Surplus and Survival

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Military gear built for survival
There are major surplus and survival gear stores everywhere today. Most are small mom and pop businesses that sometimes buy and sell used and new military clothing and equipment. These stores purchase many of their new items through public and military auctions. Some survival equipment such as collapsible shovels, will perform the same tasks if they were made last year or 40 years ago.

Military Clothing

Surplus stores are wonderful places to find durable, military style clothing. Many older military items like World War II wool blankets and sweaters are hard to compare to their modern day equivalents. Older clothing was manufactured for people who, at that time, were smaller in size. Children, women and smaller men often find that historic military clothing fits them better than does new military clothing.

Military Wool

When purchasing older clothing and blankets test the fabrics for dry rot and holes. Wool that has not been stored properly might have been compromised by moths or other fabric eating bugs. Tugging slightly on the fabric when it is held between your hands will let you know if it is dry rotted.

Military Hardware & Tools

Hardware items and tools are the staple at surplus stores. Collapsible cots, liters for carrying injured people, crates and boxes of all sizes can be purchased inexpensively. Using heavy military crates to store survival items in at a retreat location can protect them from animals and exposure. Metal ammunition tins are watertight and will prevent moisture and water from destroying what ever is inside. Survival tools like all in one hatchets, small pry bars and portable stoves may also be less expensive at a military surplus store.

Army-Navy Surplus

Locating a major surplus and survival store, often called "Army-Navy Surplus", near you is as easy as checking your phone book. A quick online search using major surplus and survival will also produce quick and abundant results.

Military Medical Surplus

Occasionally surplus stores have used medical equipment for sale. Items such as hemostats, tweezers, diagnostic equipment and other items can easily be sterilized and re-used. For people looking for other types of medical equipment some stores carry bed pans, kidney trays and other types of MASH equipment.

Military MREs

MREs Meals Ready to Eat are stocked at most major surplus and survival stores. The variety of meals available can range from a wide selection to a limited one depending on the stores budget. Purchasing a case of the same entrée selection reduces the cost per meal but also limits variety.

Military Cooking

Surplus stores sometimes have solid fuel stoves and metal cooking utensils available. The solid fuel stoves used by the military are very useful when added to your survival bags. Long term survival fuel packs for these small, compact stoves can be purchased at a discount through Nitro Pak

Military Bits & Pieces

Smaller survival items like P38 can openers, are available at major surplus and survival stores and can be put on key chains, in survival bags and first aid kits. Waterproof match containers, map cases and mess kits are standard supplies that most surplus stores carry at all times.

Military Restoration & Re-enactment

Replacement parts for antique firearms may be available at surplus stores. While these parts may not restore the weapon to working condition finding the spare parts allows them to be restored for display. Historic re-enactors use major surplus stores to add special touches to their uniforms. Ribbons, medals and historically correct buttons along with spats, hats and belts allow re-enactors to accurately portray soldiers of the past.

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  • Cacciatore (25 servings)
  • Corn Chowder (30 servings)
  • Country Noodle (30 servings)
  • Rice Lentil (25)
  • Western Stew (25 servings)
  • Potato Bakon Soup (25 servings)
  • Blueberry Pancakes (40 servings)
  • Whey Milk (45 servings)

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