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Long Term Food Storage

High quality long term food storage methods with long term packaging can bring peace of mind for years to come.

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Be prepared BEFORE the flood, fire, earthquake, emergency, or terrorist attack. Long term food storage is now available with year packs and family food storage purchases. Month specials up to 75% off help you build your resources on a budget!


Camping food you bring is the camper you are.

Different emergency situations can crop up where proper long term food storage can be a lifesaver to the prepared camper, traveler or survivalist. Just a little forethought can help you establish an emergency food storage program that easily fits your particular requirements without wasting precious dollars, space or creating heavy travel bags. Too often the emergency is the time the average person digs into their personal food storage to find what's NOT in the plan was most required.

At Survival-Homestead we don't want you to waste money that can go for even today's comforts, but planning properly is just like buying car or health insurance. Insurance is never valuable until the day it's needed. And on that day, will that product be useful or become part of the emergency.


Survival planning today has developed a strange twist. Instead of an earthquake, flood or ice storm, the loss of a job, a family illness and even the stress of potential terrorist threats has changed the emotional survival requirements as well as physical needs that involve the future security of quality long term food storage. It can't be an after-thought, but the cost of long term storage requirements with foods and safety equipment can overwhelm the average person suffering through a difficult world economy.

Peace of mind almost supersedes the products we purchase that help bring us future comfort, but often at too high a price.

So balance is important. It's impractical and isolating to live in a bubble. Sure, there small communes who move out to deserted areas far from cities and the threats of terrorists with selfish agendas.

However, "no man is an island" and in time a person ill-prepared to experience isolating security can realize the trade-off that experience brings. It doesn't mean that type of security isn't valuable. It just means it needs to be well-thought out before such a radical change is taken.

Simple changes at home such as the added worry of how to put food on the table, can remove tremendous stress without believing every box needs to be checked. Folks are able to use the canned, dehydrated and freeze-dried food they had collected against a disaster to feed their family years from now and create peace of mind today. Learning how to turn your favorite foods into long term food storage products, becomes a fun family project.

At Survival Homestead, where the emphasis has always been how to prepare on a budget, we are happy to offer the Emergency Survival Food. These healthy, nutritious foods come in food-grade buckets that are easy to transport and store. The meals are all vegetarian, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and guaranteed to remain tasty and nutritious for a minimum of 20 years when stored properly. These products are good and tasty and satisfy the need for long term food storage. It works without all the bells and whistles.

Where does the budget come in? Can you buy 275 servings for under $150 or less than 50 cents a serving? Yes!

Is there a survival food that delivers a wide variety of delicious vegetarian meals? Yes!

Is there a survival food that packs 200 servings in a single, easy to store or grab and go, five-gallon bucket? Yes!

When stored at optimal conditions, does Emergency Survival Food store for 20+ year? Yes!

Long Term Food Storage Thoughts
Compare to Dehydrated/Freeze Dried

Apples to Zebras. We found a “deal” where you can get 18 #10 cans of dehydrated or freeze dried entrees, approximately 180 one-cup servings for a bargain price of $942, after a $200 discount! Not really the bargain it appears Be sure to compare the real math for what you purchase or you will be comparing apple to zebras.. The advertisement says there is enough food for one person to eat two servings per day and last, according to their figures a total of 6 months. When I do the figures of two meals per day out of a food package containing 180 servings, I come up with about 90 days…or three months! There goes that bargain. Last to check is convenience for your use. Convenience for storage or grab-n-go? 18 #10 metal cans use storage space. That's fine as long as it is in your plan, but it is not practical for a gran-n-go rush out the door.


Compare MREs

Next we looked at MRE’s, and while a single MRE includes crackers, tea or coffee, PB&J or cheese spread, a dessert, plus a heater, they are definitely more expensive; over $80 for 12 meals. At three meals a day…that’s four days! At that price, the cost of of 275 meals would be over $1800.


Compare to Popular

We checked one of the most popular and highly recommended freeze-dried emergency foods on the market today. While the food is delicious and nutritious, a 45-day supply of food for one person having three, 1-cup servings per day, runs well over $500. Of course it serves a purpose, but popular products that create a King's table with today's money supply isn't always practical.


One-Cup Servings

Let’s look at the one-cup servings. Most people are not going to be able to survive on three one-cup servings per day. Instead, they will eat approximately 2 cups at each meal. The Emergency Survival Food comes in foil packets containing five one cup servings. So two people could have three good meals per day and only go thru three foil packages. Since a bucket contains 55 foil packages, one bucket will feed two people for 18 days, at a cost of about $150 when purchased from the manufacturer. That freeze dried survival food package mentioned above that cost over $500 will only feed two people three 2-cup servings per day for about eleven days.



As mentioned, most people are going to need to eat at least two servings per meal in order to maintain the activity levels required by many survival situations. A single bucket containing 275 one-cup servings will last one person for 90 days, if they stick to eating just a single serving at each meal. However, if you have a family, and anticipate increased physical activity, you will need more than one bucket. A family of four, eating two meals per day, and 2-cup servings per person, is going to go thru 24 servings per day. A single 275 bucket will provide 11-20 days of nutritious meals.


Cost Difference

The 180 one-cup servings, the cost per serving is $5.23.
The MRE’s 12 meals for $80, the cost per serving is $6.67
Popular freeze-dried food, 135 servings at $500, the cost per serving is $3.70.

Emergency Survival and Long Term Food Storage, 275 servings for $139 is only 49.8 cents per serving.



200 Serving Emergency Food Supply Bucket

The 200-serving Bucket of Emergency Survival Food is $105 – FREE shipping.

  • Chocolate Whey Milk
  • Whey Milk
  • Barley Vegetable
  • Cacciatore
  • Corn Chowder
  • Oatmeal
  • Potato Bakon
  • Rice Lentil
  • Western Stew

$105 each

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RECOMMENDED BUY - 275 Serving Emergency Food Supply Bucket

The 275-serving Bucket of Emergency Survival Food is $139 – FREE shipping.

  • Whey Milk
  • Ala King
  • Barley Vegetable
  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Cacciatore
  • Corn Chowder
  • Country Noodle
  • Potato Bakon
  • Rice Lentil
  • Western Stew

$139 each
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Learn more about Long Term Food Storage

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Survival Foods Here and Now

Additionally, there are also some professionally dehydrated foods you may want to add to your camping larder. Long term food storage can become a fun and educational family activity once a month or more. Mix your food storage with purchased and prepared products you make from home that may not last as long. Rotate the family prepared products to keep everyone up-to-date with preparation techniques and home survival procedures

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