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How to Make a Trap

Learn how to make a trap for food and useful survival materials, but learn the survival methods used by Native Americans.

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Learning to make survival snares and traps could save your from starvation
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One skill that could come in very handy in a survival situation is how to make a trap. Once it becomes impossible to get your food from the supermarket or grocery, especially in a case of TEOTWAWKI situation, then knowing how to make a trap, and how to hunt and fish could mean survival for you and your loved ones.

rabbitThere are a number traps and snares that can be easily constructed to enable you to feed your family. Even if you live in an urban area there are a number of small animals such as rabbits, squirrels, opossum and raccoons that could be caught if you learn how to make a trap.

A simple box trap can be built out of pieces of wood, small-holed fencing material or even sticks tied together. Just make sure that it is the appropriate size to hold whatever you catch and that it has a door that snaps shut and cannot be opened from the inside. Make sure the trigger fits well and that the least bit of pressure on the trigger will release the door.

deadfalltrapHow to make a trap from a few sticks and a rock is basically how the deadfall trap is made. The nice thing about this trap is that it can be made very large to enable taking of larger types of prey. However, the downside of the deadfall trap is that a large one should only be attempted by two or more persons. One person setting up a large deadfall trap runs the risk of accidentally triggering the device and ending up severely injured or worse.

The deadfall trap is created by balancing one stick at right angles against another stick that’s sticking straight up and anchored firmly in the ground. Another stick is then balance from the top of the upright stick and angled down to rest in a notch at the end of the horizontal stick. Then a large rock or log (deadfall) is rest against the top end of the angled stick. The bait is then placed on the end of the horizontal stick that is under the shadow of the deadfall.

You will probably need to practice this several times to figure out the exact measurements needed to ensure the animal can get under the deadfall without triggering the trap prematurely. Once you know how to make a trap that works, you’ll want to follow certain precautions so that you don’t scare away the prey before it reaches the trap.

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