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How to Jerk Elk Naturally

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How to Jerk Elk

Learning how to jerk elk will also help turn deer and even beef into jerky.
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Regularly priced at $9.95, this is another informative publication written by Cheryl Hendricks. It’s based on her personal experience of butchering an elk and turning the meat into jerky using only the sun.

Without the modern conveniences of refrigeration and electricity you will learn how this gutsy woman was able to help her husband butcher an elk. Then slice, season, smoke and use the sun to preserve the meat from spoilage.

Cheryl also describes how to use sticks and string to create drying racks. She also shares her Best Elk Jerky Recipe, that same one she used to turn several hundred pounds of elk meat into delicious jerky.

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Instead of a tripod, this is a unipod that when installed next to the fire pit, will provide the means of hanging cookware with bails over the fire. Even better, those skillets or pans that don’t have bails, can be placed directly over the fire on the unique swing arm platform.

With these plans and directions you can make, or have made, a replica of the same campfire equipment that served so well in Cheryl’s wilderness survival experience.

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Food prices are going up, which means that the prices for commercially-prepared backpacking food and emergency food are also going to increase. Now’s your chance to learn what you need to know to prepare your own backpacking food or long-term storage meals and save thousands of dollars in the process!

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