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Faraday Cage

Could a Faraday box or cage foil an EMP weapon's destruction?

The Faraday cage or box is probably the easiest way to shield valuable electronics from an electromagnetic pulse or EMP weapon. Some electrical equipment such as large electric motors, generators, transformers, relays and any vacuum tube equipment are automatically resistant to EMP. However, Field Effect Transistors (FET’s), microwave transistors and IC circuits (i.e. microchips, silicon chip or computer chips) are extremely sensitive and should have EMP shielding.

It is the metal wiring that will conduct the EMP surge thru an electric or electronic device. It is that electrical surge that will “fry” most electrical equipment. Since it is difficult to effectively shield all sensitive equipment, even the US military could be greatly affected by a high-altitude EMP burst.

There is something that you can do to provide EMP shielding for sensitive electronics and that is to place such items within a Faraday cage or box. This is simply a metal box such as a filing cabinet, metal ammo box or other metal box, that is lined with some kind of insulating material such as cardboard, Styrofoam or material. As long as the equipment inside does not touch the metal walls of the Faraday box or cage, the EMP will travel harmlessly around the outside of the box without harming anything inside.

While some suggest that an old microwave oven might be perfect, others suggest that a simple metal trash or garbage can with a tight-fitting metal lid would work even better. It is even possible that a cardboard shoebox, wrapped in aluminum foil, provided that the foil doesn’t get torn, would provide a cheap Faraday box.

Since it is not practical to place your vehicle in a Faraday cage, is it true that an EMP pulse could result in an entire country’s citizens finding themselves walking? Not necessarily, but for more information on cars and EMP go to EMP Shielding.

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