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EMP Shielding

A metal enclosure may shield the contents from an EMP's destruction

One myth about the result of an EMP weapon burst is that all motor vehicles would be “fried” and be totally inoperable. While that may be the case for those vehicles that are highly computerized, other less computerized or older vehicles would still be functional.

There is an EMP shielding effect for most vehicles created by the metal bodies and the rubber tires. This more or less turns a vehicle into a large Faraday cage, as the tires insulate the vehicle from the ground, similar to the way vehicles are fairly safe from lightening strikes.

It is important that you understand that the insulating effect of the rubber tires is not 100% effective for EMP shielding. A fiberglass body or being parked too close to a large metal expanse (next to a metal wall, for example) will make a vehicle more susceptible to EMP. Also, as almost all new cars are heavily computerized and filled with IC circuits, the newer the car the more likely that it will be “out of commission” following an EMP weapon burst.

It is for this reason that many who practice survival preparedness have a backup survival vehicle. These vehicles are usually pre-1980 or earlier, also an older diesel-powered vehicle should still be operable as they don’t use fuel-injectors.

The technology is developing steadily to provide effective EMP shielding for newer vehicles. Unfortunately the technology is still limited to military applications, and has not really been applied to vehicles available to the public.

Overall it appears that your best bet for ensuring you have an operating vehicle after a high-altitude EMP burst is to have an older diesel car or truck. Make sure it’s sitting on good rubber tires and not parked next to a metal building.

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