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Darwins Survival of the Fittest

Darwins Survival of the Fittest

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Darwins Survival of the Fittest is a good lesson for preparedness

Evolutionists and Creationists still debate Darwins Survival of the Fittest theory. When Charles Darwin published the “Origin of Species” in 1859, the world reacted both positively and negatively.

Darwin was a meticulous individual who spent 5 years as the primary naturalist on board the HMS Beagle. Sailing around the world Darwin was able to study and categorize hundred of thousands of plant, animal, bird and reptile species.

Parents Determine Their Child's Survival

Darwins survival of the fittest theory states that all species of life including plants and fish pass on genetic traits that allow their offspring to have a better chance of surviving than do the parents. According to Darwin, a species that is capable of passing on the best traits produces offspring that have an even better chance to survival.

He noticed that species that developed a particular color pattern that provided better camouflage had a higher survival rate than those that did not. The strongest, fastest and smartest of the species bred and produced offspring that were better camouflaged.

Darwins Survival of the Fittest Still Applies

While the debate raged over his theory, Herbert Spencer coined the phrase “survival of the fittest.” Darwin’s theory of evolution is referred to by this name. Using the concept that only the best of any species breeds to pass on traits allowing them to survive, the theory of evolution might in fact be “survival of the fittest.”

The first people to walk the Earth were faced with all types of survival situations. The best hunters, people who used their intellect to develop new building techniques and those who found new plants to use as medicine would have passed on those skills to their offspring. In developing the survival of the fittest theory Darwin excluded traits that were non-genetic. Natural selection, a large part of his theory, described a concept that only factored the physical, visual or auditory traits that were passed on. Environmental traits, those learned from another were not included in his studies.

Technology Has Replaced Genetics for Survival

In today’s world, medical techniques and early treatments of disease have eliminated many of the problems that would have resulted in miscarriage. Immunizations, antibiotics and trauma medicine have reduced infant and childhood mortality. One should consider whether these types of interventions are adaptations that we will pass on to our offspring or merely social traits that might disappear should access to these marvels is interrupted.

Following TEOTWAWKI Planning and Genetics will Replace Technology

Preparing and planning for natural or man-made disasters may be a social adaptation. Having the supplies on hand to make it through a difficult time will ensure that future generations can be born. Having the skills to overcome the loss of shelter, modern medicine and food procurement will make a difference in who may survive a serious disaster.

When a disaster strikes, all species are affected. Wildfires have been occurring naturally for hundreds of thousands of years. The plant world developed natural defenses to ensure that their offspring would survive this type of disaster. Some trees developed thick bark that could be burnt yet allow the tree to survive and reproduce. Smaller plants developed thick shells on their seeds. These hard outer coverings protect the seed from extreme temperatures allowing it to sprout once the threat is gone. Nature has developed many traits that allow for the survival of the fittest of the species.

Humans can give Darwins Survival of the Fittest theory a push by planning, storing and having the skills needed to survive a disaster. Man made or natural, many disasters are survivable with proper planning and education.

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