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Create a Survival Fanny Pack

A survival fanny pack is perfect for work or school

For those who are on a budget you can easily create a survival fanny pack for under $20, maybe even less if you know how to shop your neighborhood thrift shop. If so, you might be able to find a large fanny pack for under $3, if not, you can find them online for around $8. If budget is not your priority, but quality is, then check out our survival fanny pack recommendations, below.

REMEMBER - Garage sales are great sources for items for your survival gear

bandanaTo create a survival fanny pack with your thrift-store finds, include a large bandana (also found at the thrift store or favorite dollar store) which has a multitude of uses. The bandana can be used as a dust mask, an emergency tourniquet, arm sling, sweat band and hair restraint or covering.

Don't End Up in the Dark

Next include a small LED pocket flashlight also courtesy of the dollar-store or discount center. Include three 8 ounce bottles of water, instead of the boxes; the bottles can be refilled, especially if you also include some water purification tablets.

thermalblanketA thermal or solar blanket can be purchased for around $3 at your local sporting goods store, which may also have rain ponchos. Water purification tablets can be found in the camping-gear section of your local discount store.

You May Already Have Many Items

For sanitary-purposes, put some tissues or baby wipes in a zippered sandwich bag. In another baggie place some Band-Aids, tweezers, safety pins, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment and some alcohol pads. If there’s room include a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Most of these items are already in your home, so would not entail additional expense.

"Change how you look at items, look for items that be used for a multitude of purposes"

A small AM/FM radio can be found at any discount store, where you can probably also find a child’s whistle. The high-calorie food bar can be purchased for around $7. But a couple of protein bars can substitute and are readily available at your local grocery store.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" – Seneca

If you do decide to put together your own survival fanny packs, consider including the new wind-up radio/flashlight with siren that have recently appeared in some stores. They are around $20, but would replace three different items in the survival fanny packs as well as some provide the ability to charge a cell phone…well worth the additional expense.

"Tuck some cash into your survival pack"

When you create a survival fanny pack, include emergency contact information as well as your name and any medical alert information. It would probably be a good idea to include some cashtucked into another zippered plastic bag.

As you create a survival fanny pack, I’m sure you will get ideas of items that you consider vital for any disaster survival situation. You may also decide that not only do you need one to keep with you at work, but your teen should have one in their locker at school.

Just listening to the evening news will give you ideas of where a survival fanny pack could be a lifesaver.

72-Hour Survival Kit

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