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When it comes to survival gear you usually get what you pay for
It is easy to find supplies using catalog survival gear companies. Today there are many survival gear suppliers. Companies occasionally claim that their gear is better than others. In some cases the cost for survival gear is less than their competitors. Before you purchase any survival gear you should always consider the cost. When it comes to survival gear you usually get what you pay for. Survival gear should be able to withstand the rigors of hard use.

Survival Knives

There are many types of survival knives available that have hollow handles with emergency gear stored inside.

These knives usually have a compass built into the end and contain fish hooks, string and matches. Some people feel these knives are great survival tools. They are mistaken. Common catalog survival gear often has hollow-handled knives that break, leaving you stranded. If a knife’s handle is hollow that means the blade is not fixed. It can become loose and be ineffective for any task. While fish hooks, line and a compass are excellent survival tools to have, it is better to store them in a small tin that fits into your pocket.

Space Blankets

Space blankets are found in all survival catalogs. These blankets are made of thin, reflective, insulating aluminum and polyester material. The overall size of a space blanket is important. Some of the cheap space blankets are made in foreign countries and from substandard materials. These may also be too small to be useful. Nitro Pak only carries American-made space blankets that are high quality and come in larger sizes.

Free Shipping

Many survival gear catalogs are available online. Some companies offer free shipping on purchases over a specific amount. Other companies allow customers to choose how their items are shipped. Always consider the cost of shipping when ordering online. Heavy items such as cast iron cookware may cost twice as much when you add shipping costs. Some items can not be shipped directly to the customer. Ammunition and firearms for example. This items are usually shipped to a firearm dealer near you. There may be a additional fee for their services. All state and federal laws apply on such purchases from a catalog for survival gear.

Quality Counts

Before you purchase any survival food from a catalog investigate the shelf life, the manufacturing process and its ability to withstand long term storage. Nitro Pak offers a variety of high quality survival foods. MREs Hungry Man SUPER MRE Meals, dehydrated foods, freeze dried and food supplements are sold separately or as part of pre-made survival kits. Keep in mind that dehydrated and freeze dried foods require water to make it edible. Water purification tablets or filters will be required. Survival tablets should be considered supplements. Lifeboat rations are a good survival food. Less expensive survival foods should be considered carefully and make sure that they are not out dated before buy.

Compare Quality & Price

Catalog survival gear can be a cost effective way to obtain survival supplies. Compare items from many companies looking at the price and quality. If you can not find answers contact the company directly. Occasionally doing a little research can save you money which protects your investment. Purchasing survival gear is an investment, an investment in your future. Without the ability to survive a disaster you have no future.

Survival Homestead hopes that you find helpful this information about Catalog Survival Gear.

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