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Bugout Supplies

Don't just assume that you are going to be able to drive when it comes to a bug out. Wheeled carts and luggage will make a walking bug out much easier. JanSport All Terra? Gear Logic Wheeled Travel Bag

Have one in your bug out bag, backpack and emergency medical bag. I do. Coghlan's Emergency Thermal Blanket

Know what's going on in the area. Get the news. Emergency Radios

Those items that will increase your chances of survival

What exactly is meant by ‘bug out supplies’? Obviously items one might use in a bug out. But what exactly is a 'bug out'? According to the dictionary, ‘bug out’ is a military term meaning

“to retreat during a military action: to flee in panic”.

I first heard the term on an old “M*A*S*H” episode, when the entire camp had to flee in advance of the approaching enemy. Bugout supplies usually consist of whatever you consider necessary to survive if you are forced to leave home or work in a hurry.

Bugout Supplies

A quick search on the internet will reveal a vast number of ideas of what bugout supplies should be included in a bugout bag, bugout kit or as bugout gear. That should always depend on your judgment of what types of emergencies may require a bugout, the length of time necessary to reach safety, your location, the climate and time of year, and your own physical fitness.

A Few Basic Items - Must Haves

Most experts agree that there are a few basic ingredients that should be included in any bugout kit. These necessary bugout supplies all fall under the categories of water, food and shelter.

WATER - A few bottles of water or water purification tables or even the new straw-like water filters should always be in a bugout bag. Also consider a refillable and unbreakable bottle or flask. The little boxes or packets of water might be handy, but once they are empty you're left with something that's only suitable for trash.

REMEMBER - More food is required in extreme cold and when a lot of energy is expended

FOOD - Since food is very bulky and hard to transport, there are a variety of commercially-prepared high-calorie food bars that are perfect for inclusion in a bugout bag. They usually contain 2400 calories per bar and are designed to last for 72-hours for one person by breaking into 9 pieces. Yummy…not!

While they might not be particularly appetizing, won’t fill you up, and 800 calories a day isn’t going to provide much energy, food bars will keep you from starving.

REMEMBER - Shelter is anything that is between you and the elements

SHELTER - Provision for shelter may be a solar blanket, a poncho and a hat. Any good camping store will sell those shiny silver sheets folded into a tiny carry case. These are ideal for retaining body heat, keeping out the sun, or huddling under as protection from the rain. A poncho will allow you to keep you and your gear fairly dry if you must travel in the rain. A hat is a necessity if you will be exposed to the heat of the sun, or to help retain body heat in cooler temperatures.

A Cranking Charger Beats Dead Batteries

Other items that should be included: a cranking charger for your cell phone, a cranking AM/FM radio, plus flashlight and siren, gloves, a first aid kit, socks, sanitary supplies like TP and moist wipes, a bandana that can be used as a dust mask or tourniquet, identification and contact information, and a folding knife.

"A solar battery charger can keep all of your necessities operating"

fannypackWhatever shape your bugout supplies kit takes - a survival fanny pack, a backpack or other type of carrier, the bugout supplies it contains could mean the difference in life or death for you or someone you love.

"It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow" - Aesop

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