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One way I save money with my long-term food storage is my dehydrator. 5-Tray Excaliber Food Dehydrator

I try to always have a good supply of bags on hand. Foodsaver Extra Bags and Rolls

If you don't want to wait to get your food stores in, then a quick and easy way to ensure that your family will be fed in the coming food shortage is with freeze-dried foods. Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food

Backpacking Food

Dehydrating can produce meals perfect for backpacking or emergency evacuation
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DehydratingBugOutBookBackpacking food is characterized as lightweight. Usually it is dehydrated or freeze-dried. What most people don’t realize is that the same types of meals used for backpacking also make good meals for a survival bug out.

Presenting “How to Create Your Own Survival Meals”, an e-guide that teaches you “Food Dehydrating for Bug Out”. This is a step-by-step guide for turning the same food you eat everyday, into meals that are warm and nutritious.

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This e-guide was written by Cheryl Hendricks, based on her own experience of creating healthy recipes for dehydrated meals aimed at long-term food storage, with a focus on a walking bug out. “How to Create Your Own Survival Meals” is the perfect guide for the person who is concerned about knowing exactly what goes into their survival meals or about the cost of commercially-prepared long-term storage foods.

Also called “Food Dehydrating for Bug Out” this e-guide will teach even the novice at food dehydrating how to think outside the box and use their own imagination. Following the recipe “Dehydrated One-Dish Basic Backpacking Meal”, anyone can put together delicious, nutritious and filling meals.

These same meals can be used as hiking or backpacking food for those outdoor enthusiasts, or for your next overnight hunting or fishing trip. Requiring a minimum of water to rehydrate these meals can bring a touch of home cooking to those meals enjoyed around the campfire.

From someone who purchased "Create Your Own Survival Meals" ... "Got it! Thank you so much! I read your blogs and really enjoyed them! What a great website you have, packed full of useful information! - Lisa

If you’ve been put off by the prices of that freeze-dried food, backpacking food or dehydrated survival food sold on some of the emergency preparedness sites, then you need “How to Create Your Own Survival Meals - Food Dehydrating for Bug Out ”. No longer will you wish you could buy those types of foods. instead you’ll learn how to take that homemade secret family recipe and turn it into a dehydrated meal that will provide comfort to your family during an emergency survival situation.

Here are just some of the original and healthy recipes that you will find in “How to Create Your Own Survival Meals”:

  • Chicken Rice Broccoli
  • Taco Soup
  • Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup
  • Potato Bacon Chowder
  • Potato Egg Scramble

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For the beginner to food dehydrating, this e-book also shows you how to save money by creating your own dehydrator tray accessories. This could save you considerably, especially if you have multiple dehydrator trays. This bit of information ALONE more than pays for the cost of this e-book!

This e-book could save you thousands in backpacking food or emergency survival food! Based on that fact alone, “How to Create Your Own Survival Meals - Food Dehydrating for Bug Out” is priceless. You could easily end up paying $30 to $50 or more for two or three books that provide the information contained in this one single e-book!

However, because we are also concerned with helping those who are trying to prepare on a budget, we wanted to make this available at a price that would reflect that value, but that would also be affordable by our partners in preparedness. So how much?

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only $9.95!

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For those who purchase “How to Create Your Own Survival Meals” between April and September 2008, you will also receive our FREE e-guide “How to Jerk Elk Naturally” and a Bonus Gift guaranteed to turn your campfire cooking experience into a thing of pleasure!

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