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AR7 Survival Rifle

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The AR7 survival rifle, also known as the Henry U.S. Survival Rifle, is one of the most ingenious firearms ever created. It is lightweight, collapsible, and accurate. Not only that, but it will float in water. While working for Armalight Incorporated, a division of Fairchild Aircraft, Eugene Stoner designed this prototype while attempting to create a lightweight, collapsible, floating rifle intended to be used by Air Force pilots.

The AR7 survival rifle can be broken down into three parts plus the magazine. The barrel, trigger mechanism and magazine all store inside the hollow stock. The stock is made from composite material, and is filled with foam, which allows the rifle to float when properly secured. The stock is not watertight and lets water inside if submerged. If you maintain the firearm properly, the working parts will suffer no ill effects from being waterlogged.

The accuracy of the AR7 survival rifle is rated as fair. The rifle has adjustable peep sights. The front sight can be adjusted from side to side to allow for wind conditions. The back sight can be adjusted up and down to accommodate for elevation. The accuracy of this rifle is best when used at 50 yards or less. An experienced shooter can expect groupings within a couple of inches.

The standard magazine will hold eight rounds. Tests using various ammunition indicate that the rifle performs better with a heavier grain weight bullet. Lighter grain ammunition tends to misfire and fails to feed properly. Using a heavier ammunition improves the accuracy and performance of this rifle.

The AR7 survival rifle standard finish is black. Silver and camouflage options are available but may cost more. Expect to pay $200 or less for this rifle. Purchasing a used AR7 is not advised. The steel lined composite barrel will not hold up over years of use. Barrel warping is a common problem. Purchasing this rifle new provides you with factory support in case a problem does develop.

This rifle weighs 2.5 pounds without ammunition. When assembled the rifle is 35 inches from stock to barrel end. The weapon properly stored is a little over 16 inches long. This lets the rifle be carried easily in a backpack, survival kit or briefcase.

Before taking this weapon hiking, backpacking or anywhere else, check the firearm laws in your area. In the past, a broken down weapon of any kind was allowed to be transported. The law does prohibit the ammunition from being stored in the same location as the firearm. Gun laws change almost daily. Never guess when it comes to gun laws. Always check out the legality of transporting any firearm.

There are many modifications available for the AR7 survival rifle. Some of these include telescopic sights to increase accuracy, high capacity magazines and barrel shrouds. A simple sling can be easily fashioned from parachute cord. Some AR7 owners have reported that swivel sling mountings, which attach to the stock, perform well with a generic shotgun sling attached.

Whether hiking, boating or traveling, the AR57 survival rifle may fit your needs. The cost, versatility and accuracy make this rifle perfect for any survival situation.

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