Survival Preparedness

Survival Preparedness - Create Your Survival Homestead

A Survival Preparedness Plan - Creates Peace of Mind, Saves You Money, Ensures You Get The Job Done

Everyday more people discover that more freedoms have eroded and much of what they depended upon is in danger of not existing tomorrow. Retirement funds lose substantial value as politicians ask for more from citizens and then give it away to questionable recipients. People want to know what they can do to survive the uncertain future looming on the horizon.

Start preparing with a simple plan...

» Prepare to Survive an Uncertain Future Through Self Reliance

Build A One Year Food Supply Without Breaking The Bank

Wisely spend your budget whether it's big or small

There are different ways to get you properly prepared with a one year food supply for you and your family. The trick is knowing just how much you have to spend and how fast you want to get it. This might seem like a daunting task, but Cheryl gave us a great break down of just what is needed. Put it in your plan and you'll hardly feel a pinch of financial pain.

» How to accumulate a one year food supply without breaking the bank

How To Prepare Before Water Is Used As a Weapon

Water is one of the top 3 preparation requirements for a safe future

Everyday more people discover that more freedoms have eroded and much of what they depended upon is in danger of not existing tomorrow. Retirement funds lose substantial value as politicians ask for more from citizens and then give it away to questionable recipients. People want to know what they can do to survive the uncertain future looming on the horizon. Start preparing with a simple plan...

» Water awareness has become a worldwide drought forecast

Survival Plans Develop Skills Leading to Self Reliance

Learning Self Reliance Leads to Freedom of Food Choices

"Raising Rabbits for Meat"
Here is the perfect guide for those who are considering Raising Rabbits for Meat. Whether you are practicing preparedness or are just concerned about the economy there are some things you need to know before and after you make the decision to get your first couple of rabbits...

» Part of Self Reliance is Raising Your Own Food

Survival Groups Can Get Your Plan In High Gear

How to Start a Survival Preparedness Plan

Survival preparedness groups can help you accomplish your survival disaster plan faster and with more focus than you can do on your own. Once you find a group that has the similar mindset as you do, syngergy begins and you get more done with less money, time and stress than you would get down on your own. Start preparing with a simple plan...

» Survival groups are a great way to connect with others...

Build An Emergency Food Supply

How to create a weekly food storage purchase plan

One Year Emergency Food Supply

Long term food storage can be the lifesaving foundation of your survival preparedness plans that protects you in many types of emergency situations. With a little forethought you can establish an emergency food storage program. The emergencies that have people digging in to their stores was NOT the disaster they expected. A plan worked a little at a time can make give you high-level, long-lasting food supply security. The easiest way to finish the project is to purchase a one year supply for your family. Only do this when it won't cause undue financial hardship on you and your family today. In that case, I recommend accumulating by a weekly plan.

» Develop An Emergency Food Supply From A Simple Weekly Plan

Emergency Planning For Special Needs People

Take The Fear Out Of Special Needs Emergency Planning

"As a caretaker for a dear friend every day comes with the question 'what can I do to make life better for this person.' When a major storm is approaching or the news person threatens some impending disaster, my first action is help my special needs person feel in control, cared for, protected and loved. Sometimes this is infinitely easier said than done..."

» Special needs emergency planning tips

Secure Your Future

Mother Nature Is Talking To Us - Natural disasters from earthquakes to tsunamis and tornadoes to floods are becoming an increasing occurrence worldwide. Survival preparedness can take some study to get right depending on the possible disasters forecasted. American tornadoes and floods and the Japanese twin disasters are more than just memories, while droughts of the century are belting the world.. The Katrina hurricane, Indonesian Tsunami, and hurricane Ike are still what creates survival preparedness planning programs. Readers write about the totally unpredictable times in which we live and ask what options are available for survival preparedness in a responsible way.. Despite the world's technological achievements, nature is still a force that can devastate in moments making survival preparation during possible massive catastrophe impossible...

"Without A Plan, My People Perish" OK..that wasn't the exact quote, but when you have no plan, then your vision isn't clear. There are many emergency situations, where long term food storage can seem to be the lifesaving foundation of your survival preparedness plan. However, not every situation is what it seems. Some people who have established an emergency food storage program, discover that that the "emergency" that had them digging in to their stores was NOT the disaster they ...

Stay to plan when thinking about using your survival food storage

Shelter Construction Can Save Your Life

The ability to construct a survival shelter is one important requirement not just for a scout, but also for anyone who wants to make it through the night alive while out in the wild. The Boy Scouts of America has at least 15 proficiencies that must be met before a member may be bestowed with the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge, one of which proves their ability to...

Survival shelter construction skills are vital in any climate

Time To Prepare

Not only are natural disasters a threat, but widespread terrorist acts have turned the concept of safety into question. Any large-scale national disaster is going to strain the resources of local and government relief services. Your survival and certainly long term comfort depends on just how prepared you are. Emergency and Survival Preparedness can be as simple as moving to a better location, creating a food storage program or developing an emergency exit plan. Preparation doesn't need to be stressful or overwhelming. On the contrary, that is why survival preparedness is an important part of living well.

The time to prepare is now. Survival hindsight is how an unprepared plan gathers dust. Every person needs to have extra food, extra water, and other items available to prepare for eventualities. We also want to help educate you so that you and your family have a better chance to come out on the other side should a life-disrupting event occur.

The hope is that what you learn here will inspire you to prepare for survival first by educating yourself and then taking practical steps towards survival preparedness.

Outdoor Survival Equipment List

An outdoor survival gear list is something that no one should be without when planning to go off into the wilderness. Appropriate outdoor gear and clothing are part of a well thought out survival preparedness action plan. Mostly it is going to be personal experience that allows you to create your own outdoor survival gear list.

Create Your Survival Gear Checklist

Disaster Medical Kits

There are disaster medical kits designed for specific emergency situations. The most typical are those in the 72-hour emergency survival kits recommended by FEMA and other disaster preparedness agencies. If you want to have a disaster medical kit as part of your survival preparations, but don’t feel that you can afford one, consider creating your own.

Build Disaster Medical Kit or Compare To Buy

Family Preparedness Supplies

Feelings of unrest are increasing rapidly. Daily the economy worsens. States are threatening to take back much of the power the federal government has taken. Natural disasters are becoming more devastating. Suddenly, some people are beginning to realize they may not have the time to take the slow route to gathering their family preparedness supplies...

Family Preparedness Supplies Need Extra Storage Space

Major Surplus and Survival Items

There are major surplus and survival gear stores everywhere today. Most are small mom and pop businesses that sometimes buy and sell used and new military clothing and equipment. These stores purchase many of their new items through public and military auctions. Some survival equipment such as collapsible shovels, will perform...

Larger heavy major surplus and survival items for your survival list

Hiking Gear Checklist

A hiking gear checklist can serve two purposes. The first is to ensure you have everything you need for those recreational jaunts into the wilderness. The second is to guarantee that in the event of a walking bug out you don’t end up short of your destination due to a lack of proper equipment...

Proper hiking gear checklist


If you are new to preparedness, and have been wandering about online, visiting various survival preparedness sites and groups, chances are you have come across the acronym ’TEOTWAWKI’. "The end of the world as we know it" is a common phrase among those  involved with survival preparedness...

Teotwawki and You